Empty Hampers?

Found 29th Nov 2009
Does anyone know where I can buy a decent size empty hamper that's quite sturdy? I was thinking about doing gift hampers for the family and thought it'd be much nicer if I bought the empty hamper and then personalised the food inside to what I know they like rather than buying one of the over priced pre-packed ones but I can't seem to find anywhere that sells empty hampers to put the food and wine in
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Google is your friend.

These guys claim to be the UK's No. 1 supplier:thumbsup:


Great idea as well.
This is a great idea. Theres some horrid stuff in the pre packed ones isnt there!
last year i got a hamper box from Lakeland it was made with strong carboard and was silver with stars on it. It came flat packed and you just unfolded it up and it stuck in place with sticky strips. It was only around £3. I make hampers every year for my grandparents, they have got soo much STUFF they don't need any more bits. I get them bits that can be eaten/used up :santa:
i made my own last year in marks and spencer, they are doing it again this year, you get a basket then choose the bits you want to go in it, i agree you always get things you don't like in pre made hampers

you could try hobby craft or local market, i also noticed some in wilkinsons x
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