Emtigo - great site

    News that may encourage a few more people to give this one a look...

    They've updated their referal system so that you now get 50p when the person you refer joins and authorises their account, AND then when they reach their first £15 then you get an additional £6.50 paid to you as well. Now there's an incentive to get a few referals eh!

    Also don't forget they give you £2.75 as a starter amount in your account when you join, and you can collect payment either at £5 by paypal, or at £15 by cheque. They have daily clicks (listed all together on one page so really easy to find!).

    In the 5 days I've been a member, I have £4.75 authorised in my account, and more than £1 pending already, so looks pretty good to me.

    If anyone would like to join, my referal link is:

    would be great if you joined through my link

    Thought I'd point out a few of the free payments you can get as one offs (i.e. not every day), on emtigo. I've not listed the really obvious ones that are on most paying sites like strikeamillion etc., but some of the less obvious ones that you might think you have to DO something for, but actually you don't!

    Listed under 'free cash' you'll find:

    free horescope - 32p Sign up and read your horescope on their site, and get paid easy!

    visit britain - 14p Just sign up for the newsletter, nice and easy!

    Win a Hamper - 32p Fill in your details to possibly win a hamper, and earn 32p as well.

    Alien giveaway - 22p
    Tiffiany giveaway - 22p
    imac giveaway - 22p
    gameconsole giveaway - 22p These all work the same way (probably the same people!) fill it in, but do NOT tick any boxes... if you look at the bottom, you can by-pass most of the stuff they're hoping you take up by saying no thanks... just opt to skip everything, till the last section where you have to tick the boxes saying yes or no... then tick no on all but one. that one will open in another window, and you can just close it and go on with the sign up. These look complicated, but they're not!

    There are loads of others too, but there are a few to get you going for anyone who's not sure which ones are good to go for and which aren't. Between them they'll earn you £1.66 add that to your £2.75 you get when you join, and a couple of days worth of clicks and when it all goes from pending to paid, you'll have enough for your first payout

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