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    Any trusty worthy emulators I can use on my PC? I'm looking at platforms such as PS1 PS2 SNES Wii N64 Etc thanks in advance
    I'm using windows ten x64 bit


    dolphin is great for nintendo games plus you can upscale to 1080p.

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    dolphin emu for nintendo games plus 1080p upscaling

    Thanks much appreciated

    NullDC (I think it's called that) was very good when I had it for Sega Dreamcast games although that was on XP. Might work for 10.

    check out simply austin on youtube

    I used to use Gens for Megadrive games on the pc. Never had any problems. Now use my Android box for emulators.

    Not sure i am permitted to post this here, but will have all you need.

    Just wondering why my post got deleted? Both emulators I posted don't breach any form of copyright...

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    Thanks Everyone!

    Dolphin's good, get proper controllers for it for the full effect, so wii remote and a classic controller or even better a Gamecube controller and PC adapter (official or mayflash 4 port or the Chinese clones).

    RetroArch for an all in one package as it usually handles everything.

    Otherwise, Dreamcast - NullDC or Reicast, PS1 - ePSXe, PS2 - PCSX2, SNES - ZSnes or Snes9X, Megadrive - Gens, N64 - Project 64, NES - Nesticle, Master System - Chasms/ Kega Fusion.

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    I can`t get the gamecube games to work with my keyboard and mouse using dolphin? help anyone?
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