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    I have a load of old early 90's hacienda tapes I want to convert to mp3, Im pretty comfortable finding software and doing the ripping its the actual hooking up of the casette deck to PC that Im musing over..

    What leads do i need A friend said its to do with what sort of tape deck ur using but i read you can even do it with a a walkman?

    Which by the way at the minute I dont even have a tape deck in the house to use! will have to borrow from the folks..

    Any advice appreciated



    I successfully recorded from cassette tapes using the headphone socket. Depending on the software you're using, you'll need to get the audio volume correct and you should be able to edit wave or mp3 files to get the best sound. Some mp3 players can record directly to mp3 by plugging into the source headphone socket.

    You'll also need to use the correct headphone jack/adaptor plugs/cable. Foe example: 3.5mm male to 3.3mm male [one for headphone socket, the other into your PC soundcard/audio/lin-in socket].


    I successfully recorded from cassette tapes using the headphone socket.

    Yep, that's what I did too! A lovely low tech solution!

    Does this mean we are showing our age here, or at least you two are I've just remember that it was 'a friend' that did it, not me!! :wink:

    Hehe those were the days :roll: no copyright problems


    Original Poster

    hehe lets not get in to the age thing still feel 18 in my head... just my body is forging ahead

    Thanks anyway, guess at most i just need a 3.5mm male to 3.3mm male.

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    Got them ripped fine just need to find some software to filter out some of the crap you can hear on the playback, Just like a general hiss when turning the volume up.

    Have you tried Audacity?

    Click Here

    It's free and could get rid of the hiss

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