encypted plain text Ed. for Windows?

    Need to be able to tell clients the stuff I'm typing out about them *does not* get left on the disk and demonstrate why it can't get left there.

    I've seen a few, not ended up actually using one.

    There's one I fancied on sourceforge but I gave up on that when they did that nasty thing they did... is that still happening?

    Don't mind paying moneys but have to have the chance to thoroughly trial it first.


    I use cryptopad myself but it has a win95 type interface

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    I use cryptopad myself but it has a win95 type interface

    InfinityLoop Looks alright

    Those two look great, thanks

    The local one is portable and tiny so I can run it from a stick, and it's an encrypted container, can store several text files in one encryption, handy. being internet based (has onscreen kbd to beat keyloggers!) means I can use it anywhere there's a network. I think If I trial both of these at the same time, I'll find uses for them both.

    (CryptoTE gets best answer because it's FOSS, cross platform and local. OFC I'll see how that truly pans out over time...)
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