End of mobile contract guide - how to swap contracts at end of term?

Posted 28th May 2021
Hi, I apologise for the noobish question but I'm having a hard time finding concrete guidance online about how to go about starting a new mobile contract at the tail end of a last one.

I'm on a contract from Three I got from Fonehouse that expires on 11/06. I've got my eye on the £7 unlimited data one from Affordable Mobiles, that's also from Three.

How exactly do I go about arranging for my new contract to start as soon as my current one expires? What steps would I have to take to keep my number and my SIM if possible? I'd like to purchase the new contract now while it's still available (but if it's not feasible I don't mind starting the new contract immediately).

Thanks for any help.

ps. I get decent signal from Three in my area, so it's a decent bargain for me.
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