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Found 26th Aug 2009
My 18 month contract with o2 is up next month was paying £35 per month (was a deal with afree PS3 from dialaphone), have looked for a replacement phone and have decided on Nokia N97 or I phone 3gs.

Looked on their website and you have to pay for the IPhone and they don't do the N97, so rang up and requested to cancel stating the above politely

The guy that answered was not bothered I was cancellling and didn't even try to do a deal just cancelled there and then, I have two other phones with 3 and have had them for 4 years cos they just wont let you go, they always do a deal.

Is this normal or will someone call me back and try and do a deal? Not too worried if they don't as I will just get another phone with 3.

Or can anyone recommend a better deal / phone ?



my o2 contract is running out in a couple of months and i also want either the iphone or the n97. like you said 02 dont do the n97 and the iphone is kinda expensive
was looking on the o2 forums and apparently they've stopped doing any kind of retention deals at all, last time i upgraded i got a £30 contract for £20 a month and a really good phone for free. think i'm gonna go else where for the n97, very annoying because i've been with o2 for years!

I've just joined o2 as a customer of vodafone for a miserable 18m. I got the Simplicity 20 SIM only and managed to get a N97 out of Voda which is now debranded and unlocked. It's the best combo I could find. I'd suggest a SIM only deal for 12m and buy a N97.

I too have endured the N97 wanting and was disappointed by the o2 retention person! When i quizzed him on his attitude, he told me his hands were tied! N97 not available on o2 because it would compete with the i phone. I phone has set rates and has no chance of changes in the immediate future.Got the general impression he was a bit fed up with the situation
Did manage to get a free i phone (16gb) on a 1200 mins and 500 texts for £44.05 a month and expecting delivery today!
Good luck with your search .

I have been with o2 for years.. and when i wanted to renew my contract they offered me pretty much stuff you would find online..

I wanted a plain & simple phone nothing fancy like n97 etc etc & hence dint want to pay too much..

I was offered for 6303 - 24mnth contract 20£/mnth 75 min + 300 text which is worst..

i asked for cancellations they straight away gave me the pac code dint even bother to ask me why i was leaving or any thing that would change my mind.
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