End of MSE collective British Gas soon

Found 12th Sep 2017
My BG collective MSE deal ends soon and was wondering what deals/suppliers people had switched to, British gas has increased its prices considerably so considering the 2 year fixed price deal with OVO however this probably means by smart meter will no longer send meter readings to the supplier bit of a pain reverting to manual reading
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Check MSE again they have a new one starting but it's more expensive for me that what we are currently on.

No point asking others the question you asked since each area can have different prices best to do a full comparison.
Wont be as good as current one and the cheapest deals are with companies with little feedback. I picked Avro.
I'm on the same deal. The new collective switch is more expensive than others, but like others have said, the smaller companies have little feedback. I've picked npower who were the best of the better-known names.
I'm in the same predicament I've settled on avro they seem to have decent feedback for a little company. First year in a while I'm paying more. At least with British gas you can check which you use more of. Gas or electric and then work out which company is best for you. I use more electric. So like I say I'm going with Avro.
I picked OVO. They are a few pounds more than AVRO but I get prices fixed for 2 years which I hope will be to my benefit.
We have just signed up with EDF. Considered the smaller less well known companies but with little feedback it is difficult to tell if they are a good choice. Been with BG for many years so I hope this move works out ok.
Thanks all think i'm going with 2 year fixed with OVO dissapointed about loss of function with smart meter but trying to keep energy costs down, shame MSE couldn't come up with another collective deal
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