End of O2 Contract - New Phone?

    I have currently finished my O2 contract and am paying around £30 a month including insurance for 500 txts and 100 minutes. I really would like a better deal and am thinking of ringing up and telling them to terminate the contract.

    I was informed that if i tell them that I wish to do so they offer you some kind of loyalty bonus and offer you an improved contract. Does anybody know of this or have any advice on the best contract deal?

    Also (sorry), I have a Sony Ericsson W810i phone, is there a better Sony Ericsson model on the market I should look out for?

    Thanks for your help in advance :viking:


    Send them a letter asking to cancel the account. You can really start to negoiate with them after that. They obviously would cancel your request if you agreed to a deal they offered.

    My Orange contract is up soon and I don't wan't a new phone. I'm just going to have fun driving down the monthly cost.

    Im going for a w810i next I think. I have previously hot a w800i and a K800i and currently have a Motorola K1.

    I get 500 mins 500 texts for 20 pm 12 month contract.


    Col...have you got a link for this deal?

    There is no link, its a retentions discount 500 tariff. Its normally £35 I believe but they give me the discount 12x15 as a payment into my account.

    Hope this helps


    when my contract was coming to an end on orange, i phoned them saying i was thinking of leaving them as the upgrade phone i wanted was £200, the bloke who i spoke to said you can have it for free if you stay with us so i did

    apparently, o2 are really well known for dropping the price of contracts if you ring up and tell them you want to cancel because its too expensive. quite a few of my friends have gone down to £10 or £15 a month through this and with the mins and texts. give it a go!


    I've just ordered my new phone/contract.

    I'm currently with t-mobile: Sony W800i with 400 x-net anytime min + 100 txts for £25 a month.

    My new phone/contract is with orange: Sony W810i with 500 x-net anytime mins, 250 anytime landline mins, 200 texts for £35 a month, but....... I get £35 cash back from ] by clicking through a link to ], I get £315 cash back from The Link, redeemed in three payments at months 6, 12, 18 of my contract. Effective cost per month after quidco and the link cash back is £15:56

    I also get to add a "magic number" every 6 months to which I get free calls. Magic number must be an orange number though.

    I going to sell my old mobile (w800i) to ] for £50.

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    Cheers for your help. I looked into the Orange deal after your response Canonball and I see they do student deals. With this apparently I can get 1000 texts and 200 minutes for around £25 a month which would be great. I doubt O2 would match this would they??

    Also, Orange say they do carry over minutes? Does anybody know anything about this? :thinking:


    Also, Orange say they do carry over minutes? Does anybody know anything … Also, Orange say they do carry over minutes? Does anybody know anything about this? :thinking:

    They carry them over for one month. I'm 99% sure it's the same for texts.
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