Ending Mobile Contract Early...need some help please!

Hi guys,

I want to get the new Iphone as a contract however I am currently on a O2 12 month contract which is about to end on the 1st of April 2009. I have called O2 a couple of times earlier this month to try and cancel my current contract and start me on a new one, however they keep asking me to contact them in March.

Does anyone know of any loop holes/ideas to end my current contact and get a new one?

Any help would be appreciated.



The only way they will allow you would be to buy your way out of the old one.

(The free phone they originally gave you was a sweetner for a 12 month contract - and you agreed to it!)

They have been loopholes you could have used - but there aren't any ATM.

Ive tried this before they will only let you change your contract 1 month early. when you do ask to speak to retentions these people are there to keep you with 02, they will do you a really good deal for example i had the new sony ericsson c902 mobile phone for £35 a month with an add on free of charge which was unlimted internet and they gave me a discount of £15 a month so only paying what i was anyway. Good ay!
Only thing is now they keep you on a 18 month contract but for a good phone its worth it.
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