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Posted 11th Aug 2020
So I'm getting ready for the Xbox series X and decided to try a couple of the deals from Eneba games before the switch. Trustpilot and obviously the deals posted on here gave me some level of trust, but reading up on this company, and others like them, there is a chance they sell codes that may get your Xbox account banned. How likely is this to happen, and in what timeframe do I need to wait to ensure I bought proper codes?

I'm about to Preorder NBA2k21 through Microsoft and thought the digital version would be best as I also get a code for the Series X when it comes out. Reading Microsoft terms and conditions I would lose any right to a refund if I do get banned so I want to make sure I'm ok before placing an order on the Xbox.

Seems one benefit of physical copies is the fact you don't lose rights to the game discs.
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I don’t think anybody can tell you 100% either way if they are shady codes. I’ve not heard of anybody getting banned though
Thanks. Guess it's just a waiting game to see if there are any issues with them.
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