Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries - genuine or fake?

Posted 10th Feb 2017
Ok. I realise this is a somewhat peculiar question to ask but does anyone have any Energizer Ultimate LITHIUM AA batteries handy that you purchased from a retail shop - and could you weigh one for me?

I recently committed the cardinal sin of buying batteries off of Ebay and I think I may have got some duds. They arrived loose and looked very convincing but they ran out very, very quickly. Considering these are quoted as being able to outlast ordinary AA's by up to 7 times, in the particular item these were installed in to they should have lasted years (apparently) but actually lasted less than a month.

I won't go into boring detail but these were purchased to run a blinking LED and that is it. Supposedly, these should do that for about 3 years or more. I also had some genuine, shop bought Energizer Eco-Advanced Alkaline AA's handy and they (so far) have outperformed these lithiums by a long way. After reading various threads, it would seem that fake batteries are usually cheapo cells like zinc/alkaline non-branded/rejects etc. and then dressed in the look-a-like jacket. Running your finger around the jacket of these, it makes a rather unconvincing 'crackle' noise as if it's not adhered properly and the weight; compared to the genuine Eco-advanced 24g; is only 14g.

I did send a message to the seller and they gave me a plausible excuse - and sent me another set as a replacement/apology but these are and have performed exactly the same. I am wondering if it would be worthwhile in contacting Energizer to see if they can suggest a good way to tell if they are counterfeit batteries. I wouldn't have normally been mug enough to fall for an old chestnut such as this but I happened to be ordering various bits and pieces of electronic gear and chose the easy path to get them quickest. Path of least resistance, and all!

I would provide a photo of them to show you what they look like but in all honesty, they really do look the part. No spelling mistakes etc. as some fakes tend to make. Oh, and if anyone wonders - I did check sellers feedback which was actually very good and none of the negs seemed to regard batteries.

Thanks for reading,

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