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Found 25th Mar 2014

It's time to change my gas and electric dual fuel energy tariff again. With so many comparison sites to choose from, can anyone recommend any good ones?

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worth trying them all. go via a cashback site for extra incentives. make sure touret always comparing exactly rhet same product.

uswitch is good, mse energy thing and an energy board one. can't remember the name :-(
Thanks FMJ1000
I used uswitch, just make sure you have last years energy consumption or bills to hand, easy enough to use and definitely switch via a cashback site.

I have been impressed with EDF, if you want a fixed tariff until 2017, check this out.


It maybe somewhat more than others at the moment, but it's frozen until 2017. Always had good service from EDF.

Martin Lewis money saving expert recommends cheap energy club it got the best deal for me
I've also used the Cheap Energy Club facility from MoneySavingExpert.com (Martin Lewis site) and had £30 paid in my bank a/c just a week or two back (there is a limit of one payment per 12 months, but they seem to be able to offer cash even when the regular cashback sites have none to offer). I did start the switch in December, so it has taken a while (switchover was some date in February).

I switched from E.On to Co-Op, but plan to move to another (so there will be a saving of over 60 quid when switching to Economy 7, as Co-Op charges, and EDF doesn't). Might switch later on to nPower (will depend on what fixed tariffs come out, and how they compare with EDF).

One thing I'd look for is no penalty to switch OUT of a contract (perhaps as important as whether there's any cashback to join). I think there will be growing pressure on the firms not to give cashback for switching to them, but to offer lower charges, or keep charges lower. Think the days of getting £100+ to switch are going, or maybe behind us, but penalty for leaving of anything from £30 to £50 per fuel (ie £100 total) will perhaps grow, so the 'fixed rate' deals I've looked at are only the ones with no penalty for leaving, so if I see a lower rate elsewhere I'm not having to wonder how long before the savings match the fee to leave.
Forgot to mention that the MSE Cheap Energy Club will continue to monitor how charges compare on all the tariffs, and you can set your options up to get an alert e-mail when the difference is a certain amount (they start at £0 and go up in £25 steps so I think I set mine to £50 - it might me I pay a little more for a few months but I am not going to switch every time some deal can save me a tenner.
Thanks everyone for your replies.
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