energy heaters - electricty help

    my sister has a 1 bedroom flat (her and her child only)

    she has no sort of heating other then those plugin heaters

    her electricity usage has shot up from £10 a week to £20 a week (via a prepayment meter)

    she was told by EDF that its near on 100% the heaters that have caused the jump in usage (i had sort of geussed that one lol)

    are there any heaters that use less electric or any other ideas/schemes that can maybe help



    Hiya, she is probably paying a higher rate paying as you go, it may help if she goes quarterly. I find my Halogen heater is very hot I use it to heat up the room quickly even though I have central heating. At least she can turn it down when the room is warm. Good luck

    What about a calor gas heater?.
    I have one in the kitchen, and its very good at keeping the room warm. The gas lasts ages too.

    Not advise really but

    All electric heaters have virtually the same efficiency; which is very close to 100%.

    The difference is in the way they distribute their heat.

    Oil filled panels/radiators are slow to heat up - but hold heat longer.

    Fan heaters quickly warm up a room.

    There really is little difference in running costs.

    To acheive the desired temperature in a room of a certain volume the energy used will only vary with the ambient temperature. That is to say if you want the room at 18 C you will need a certain amount of energy to achieve that temp. all you can do is use the most effieint type of heater, but as I say most electric heaters are near 100%

    It must be down to the tarrif from EDF - not much you can do other than maybe change to a cheaper provider or try and get of pre-payment


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    i did look @ uswitch for her and she could join a monthly payment scheme for £60 a month, but i think what she is worried about is, is there say a cap on how much you can use for £60 a month and would that work out to be the same amount she uses.pays for now, thanks for the help rep left for you all

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    another thing she has looked over the past 3 months (this is roughly when the hike in price happened) and other then the heaters nothing has really changed

    Avery good friend of mine is a corgi reg plumber and when he does new boilers/radiators etc... he uses ones that British Gas sell. Really low cost to use and heated my 21 ft lounge in about 10 mins.
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