Energy light bulb to replace 40W SES/E14


    I'm looking into replacing the lightbulbs in my house with energy efficient ones. I have a few already. However I have two lights in the livingroom that each have 3 x 40w SES/E14 bulbs. These are small bulbs and are golf ball in shape. Is there an energy efficient bulb for this type of lightbulb? If yes how much do they cost and where is the best place to get them from?

    Thanks in advance.



    It is possible to get them, Homebase sell them, E (for Edison) 14 is teh small screw in one, I guess around £2.99 each, but they last way longer than standard bulbs and do not be mislead into thinking they take ages to light up. these are the new ones and they are instant.

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    Brilliant thanks, I will pay a visit to Homebase later today.

    7 watts is the 40 equivilent


    7 watts is the 40 equivilent

    yeah 7 watts is the same brightness as 40, its cos brightness is measured in lums isnt it (luminescence)

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    thank you for the advice I will look for the 7w versions.

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    I got 3 for £5.

    Now I'm thinking about replacing the 50w Halogen GU10 lights I have in the kitchen. In Asda they had what I thought were replacements, but they looked really big and I was not sure they would fit my light fitting. They were also £6 each. I imagine they are still good but £6 seems a lot of money. Are there any other options, are LED's a possibility, are they energy efficient?
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