Energy Monitor measures how much electricity we use in the home.

    Im looking for an Energy Monitor Im looking for two types: one that is attached to the incoming mains to the house and one that measures individual appliance.
    So far Ive found these:…tml…tml

    Anyone know of any similar products that may be cheaper?



    Only one which I know and works is a Wattson…son

    More expensive but our company has a few which they lend out so you can monitor you energy consumption and make nesessary changes.
    Very Very Very good piece of kit

    Talk to your supplier - a number of them are giving away the Owl devices for free, or linked to propositions.

    To be fair they are not that accurate, but they are a good reminder that when you switch something on that it's costing you cash.

    Alternatively, wait until the government eventually get around to mandating SMART meters for both Gas and Electricity.

    Totally agree with DarloNige. I work with the company that manufacture Wattson ([url][/url]) and I use Wattson as my only form of energy monitoring.

    FYI - I sell energy solutions to corporate big boys.

    got one of these from our electric suppier for free, when we switched plans

    saw one of these in Aldi last night
    Think it was about £5.99
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