Energy prices are falling and the companies like to overestimate our usage...

    This results in us paying more than is due when they overestimate your usage when the prices fall at the end of the month. So you pay the old/higher price for power you have not even used yet.

    Get your own back - instead of letting them massively overestimate your reading on that date - why not give them a massively lower one. As it means you will be saving the potential 10% price drop on all the electricity you have used already.

    Don't feel bad about it - they were going to do the opposite to you.



    My last Leccy Bill was £497. It was an estimate - but it was near enough not to do anything about it.


    i left EDF when they "calculated" i should be paying £100 a month for my gas. on my final bill i got a £300 cheque for overpayments. idiots!

    I posted something similar to this a few months back, not that I was suggesting anyone actually do it of course!



    I read that thread, serious over-use of electric, have you had words with … I read that thread, serious over-use of electric, have you had words with the missus yet?


    Her second word was off!

    Original Poster








    Original Poster

    I just checked the readings - and can save about £60 with this - and stall off most of the winter quarter payments until into spring.

    In addition to getting roughly a sixth back in Quidco payments by swapping suppliers (my house and holiday flat that is only electric).

    I got an electricity bill from British Gas the other day after bills being estimated since according to them 2006 and my new bill is £1474.74.

    So instead of the estimated 8000+ units it is 16,000 but it appears they have charged me for the extra 8,000 units at dec08 to march 09 prices. (that is my billing period) according to the bill and the little graph they use to show energy consumption between 2 given dates

    I am still waiting to hear back from customer care about this and will now have to spend some time looking to see who the hell i will have to contact to get this sorted as I know there is some restriction on back billing eg 12 months and not sure that would benefit me I have had to increase my DD to £110 a month but i still need to sort something else out as I think being charged 2009 prices for electricity I used in 2006/07/08 needs to be looked at and based on some sort of avg and not 2009 prices.
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