ENERGY SAVING FLOODLIGHT: 300W Halogen Equivalent

    Can anyone recommend a good quality energy saving floodlight to replace my old 300W tungsten halogen floodlight?

    Would prefer it to have a warm white light, equivalent of 300W or higher- CFL or LED based or energy saving alternative.

    So far i've found the following:

    FOZZ KEPPA E27 Floodlight Matt Silver Megaman- £48.01


    Megaman Low Energy Clusterlight Light Bulb 60W ES 830 15K Hr -£29.44


    Total cost: £77.47 (inc VAT and delivery: postage free on orders over £40+ VAT)

    Would appreciate any feedback on cheapest prices for the above in the UK, alternatives from people who have bought or are looking for a good energy saving floodlight.

    Thanks for your help.


    Original Poster

    36w Energy Saving Floodlight:Spiral CFL


    I have one of these "36w Energy Saving Floodlight:Spiral CFL" and the light is no where near 300w - more like 150 at a push, ans is very white.

    for a better light, look at metal halide like this…tml

    They do take a minute or so to get up to fuill brightness, and do not like being switched on and off a lot, so only use these for a light controlled by a switch, timer or a dusk/dawn sensor, not by a movement sensor.
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