Energy switching advice please

Posted 9th Oct
Just about to switch both Gas and Electricity.
Has anyone got any advice about best prices or comparisons, maybe cash back.

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You can get between £30 - £50 cashback either in Topcashback or Quidco when you compare and switch both gas and electric. I always choose a supplier with no exit fees so I can switch again if needed.
If it's cheaper for the year to switch to a provider that you can't get cashback on through a comparing service, check if the provider you want does cashback directly through TCB or Quidco.
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Good starting point is to know your annual G&S consumption, this will give you the most accurate results when comparing tariffs. E.G. Our gas annual usage is 11500 and Electricity is 1830.

Agreed Cheap Energy Club is very good. You usually get £25 cashback directly to your account every time you switch.

Also agreed with jambone, I go for tariffs that don't have exit fees. Although you wont get charged if you're within 49 days of tariff ending. I'm with BG and you don't get charged EEF if you move tariffs within BG.

I'm currently in the process of switching to BG Energy Plus Protection Green May 2020.

Different tariffs work out best for different households, so what might be best for one may not for another.

Hope this helps.
Thanks everyone just switched to pure planet as came up cheapest on the money saving site.
should get £25 Cashback, they didn't have Cashback on TCB or Quidco. Its a no exit fee so should be ok thanks if tarriffs get cheaper elsewhere.
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If you're joining Octopus or Bulb, an existing member could get you £50 if you join via their recommendation.
Bulb are great.
Good price in my area, I also need warm home discount. So need a big supplier.

The £50 refer a friend from Blub is better than Quidco and topcashback as it pays the day you switch to them.
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