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Sorry if this in the wrong section, i wasn't to sure!

Anyways! I'm going to an engagement party saturday and have no idea what to buy them. They have already moved out so they have a lot of things! Was thinking more useful gimmicky items, like choc fountain but really not sure! Any ideas please?!

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don't believe in giving engagement gifts:roll:, surely they should just wait and get a wedding present:? I think a congats card should be enough.

never known to buy for engagement, just the wedding

What about something sentimental like those buy and name a star things?

When my sister got engaged I got them a welsh love spoon and had their names and date of the engagement engraved on it.

Give us a clue how much you want to spend!

You could buy them something daft like t-shirts saying something like "I got engaged to him/her today" !

never mind the chocolate fountain, buy them chocolate body paint, although i;m with the you don't buy engagement presents brigade.

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Thank you all for your help. Rep added! I was only thinking around £10 as it isn't there wedding day. More a nice little congratulations gift for them both! x

how about a nice picture frame, then they can put in a pic of them both on their engagement.

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I actually really like both your ideas so i may just take a look in clintons and ann summers etc to decide! Thank you! x

If I was going to a party I would buy a gift, if it was me I would prefer a voucher as you say they have moved out already and have everything, maybe £10 towards a meal at a local restaurant or cinema voucher?
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