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Found 20th Jan 2010
I'm panicking! is there any particular things which are tradiitional as engagement gifts? my friend has an engagement party at the weekend and i'm completely clueless when it comes to this stuff!

any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Nothing.......wait until the wedding.

People are so greedy
I always just get gift vouchers or money for engagement gifts, as the couples already live together and so have all the traditional home / appliance gifts
Hi I always thought it was etiquette to give engagement gifts. However this was discussed recently on another forum and it seems the general concensus was that gifts are not now generally given on engagements. This was news to me!
well on my engagment party everyone brought a gift , we were moving into our first house so we got housey things mainly ,also argos and debenhams gift vouchers x
I usually give vouchers as gifts for engagements - but the last two or three engagements I have been to, they have split up a few months later and moved onto another relationship and engagement, am starting to think a nice card and bottle of wine/champagne would be more appropriate!
When we got engaged we hadn't moved out so argos vouchers were really helpful, and still would have been even if we'd moved out. We got a lot of candles and picture frames too? I think if you know they drink wine, or champagne then you can't go wrong with either of them!
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