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Found 12th Mar 2007
**perhaps I should have posted this elsewhere, I dont know**

were having our engagement party soon, the only problem is we have to have 2 because davids family live in sheffield, and my family live in manchester and wales. we than have the problem of satisfying friends too.

weve decided to go for a meal with friends but dont know what to do with our families, any suggestions?

also im going to put together some party favors, I was thinking
-little minature champagne bottles - so any links to decent sites would be very appreciated
-a few little chocolates nicely wrapped - again links please

and something else to go with them for family to remember the special occassion but I dont know what, pleeeease help!!

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Just a tip, buy a few disposable cameras and put them at various places around the table, you get some great candid photos and helps people feel involved.

Original Poster

I didnt think of that

only trouble is getting enough people at just one do, ideally we'd have one large one, but that would mean my family coming over here, and someone would have to stay home to take care of the dogs which would mean someone couldnt come...unless they leave the boys at the kennels

Could you not try and find somewhere inbetween Manchester and Sheffield,a halfway house so everyone can get together and the distance is not too far for each family.Maybe book a party room at a hotel,negotiate deals for bedrooms if some wish to stay overnight,or lay on coach transport from each destination.

I think an engagement do,if that is what you want,should be an occasion where the family and friends of the couple can get together.

The party favours is a nice idea but not necessary in my opinion,leave that for the wedding!

The disposable camera idea is a good one:thumbsup:

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yeah, I suppose I could look into that, we have come into some money
*wanders off to browse hotels*
any recommendations?

I'm thinking of possibly Buxton(just to the south of manchester and to the west of sheffield) there may be other locations,but without a more detailed map I am working of off geographical memory!

Buxton is the peak district so it should be a lovely location.

This place looks pretty ]paramount palace

This one has banqueting facilities ]Old Hall Hotel

Just what i found with a quick google,to get you started:)

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after looking at the guest list ive realised most people are already in sheffield, so ive put it to my mother that her and the rest of the family could come up for the weekend and we'd pay for their accomodation.
I have an idea of a place we can hold the party :-D

Lovely,I hope you all have a great time:)


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thanks!! the tricky part now is getting the date right, theres always going to be someone that cant attend!!

Hope it all works out

Geek Girl - quick question, why are you having an 'Engagement party'???

I got engaged in Mexico last year, and we just booked our wedding at the weekend (1st March next year) but we never even thought about having a party!

TBH - when we got home, we went out with all our friends for a few drinks (OK, a lot of drinks lol!) and a meal with our family, but I could never understand why people would have a party to celebrate an engagement, let alone two?

How much is it going to cost you????

Ps - I am glad to hear you are getting married, I am quite traditional and out of all our friends, we are the first one's (and only at the moment!) to get married!

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why not have an engagement party?
its something special that we want to celebrate with our family and friends, and we cant wait

Fair enough!

i also agree with nat!

save your cash - just go out with people - the party bit is seriously a waste of cash

just imagine what that extra cash could do for your wedding - it would mean less stress too!

you dont have to have a party to celebrate
(plus the champagne isnt going to be cheap - nor is hiring a venue)

save your cash

Original Poster

were not getting married anytime soon

anytime soon doesnt really matter though

you wil always want to upgrade your wedding if you have the spare cash!

when is the wedding?

(please note im not trying to start a argument!)

Original Poster

didnt think you were trying to start one

not for atleast 4 years, we want to sort out the mortgage and things first, plus we just got lots of pennies, so we want to blow some of it :giggle:

anyhow ive done enough posting for one day, 60+ posts :oops:
tata for now x

we had a party and moved into a new house 2 weeks later so got loads of gifts for the house not y we had it but it all helped

geek grrrl

were not getting married anytime soon

This is even worse in my eyes then!

Why get Engaged if you are not setting a date for the Marriage???

Can't understand people having an Engagement Party, having lots of people coming with cards and no doubt presents, and then not even setting a date for the big day!!!!!

A friend of ours did this a couple of years ago, everyone went and no doubt they got lots of pressies and then 2 years later they split up without even getting around to planning a wedding!!!!!

I always found it Cheeky having an Engagement party!!!

everybody in my family for years and generations have had engagement parties everyone loves a good party

Everyone enjoys a good party I agree, but you just proved my point by saying you got your house kitted our just for getting engaged?

TBH, I haven't got the gaul to do that.

i buy people engagement presents quite happily
what goes around comes around
like i said i didnt do it for that
did it because i was excited about being engaged and felt it was a good meeting for both sides of the family before the big day
where i am from its a big deal parents put in local paper etc
enjoy it in my case it only happens once hopefully its the same for you

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i buy people engagement presents quite happily what goes around comes … i buy people engagement presents quite happily what goes around comes aroundlike i said i didnt do it for that did it because i was excited about being engaged and felt it was a good meeting for both sides of the family before the big day where i am from its a big deal parents put in local paper etc enjoy it in my case it only happens once hopefully its the same for you

my parents also put it in the paper, and the only presents we have recieved is champagne. weve told people not to buy presents despite them saying we need them for our "bottom draw" because we already have everything we need.

I dont think its in anyway cheeky to have an engagement party without setting a date, our engagement is a promise to one another and we want to celebrate that. its ridiculous to think we need to set a date straight away, we live in the 21st century, things are different now

when my boyfriends sister had her engagement party they hadnt set a date.

I was engaged for 8 year, before we got married. We booked a date for the wedding after being engaged for just over 6 year.

We had an engagement party and got loads of presents which we had to store in parents loft until we got a house.

It doesn't matter what other people think, u 2 should know best. If you want to celebrate your love then good for you.

Congratulations and I hope you have an amazing night and enjoy your lives together!!

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OK - I can understand your point of view, but can I ask you if you went to an Engagment party, would you turn up with a present / voucher or not?

Original Poster

I wouldnt think twice about taking a present to an engagement party. I dont begrudge people anything.

It's all just down to personal preference...I got engaged just under a year ago and we haven't made a big fuss of things, that will come when we actually get married so I am with Nat in that sense. But if someone else does want to splurge on a big party then they should, the whole dance of engagemnet and marriage is meant to be about the 2 people getting married, so if they want a fuss over the engagment, a fuss they should get.

It depends on the individual I suppose.I would not probably buy an engagement gift I would rather save for the wedding prezzie,but if someone wished to buy a gift then that is their choice.

I went out for a meal with family on my engagement,no gifts were asked for or received,it was just a nice night out to celebrate the fact that we had got engaged.In saying that we were not engaged for long(6 months) because for us that was the point of getting engaged.However I understand that for others this may be different due to various circumstances such as needing to save up for the big day which is very expensive.

I see both sides,but it is each to their own at the end of the day:)


Our daughter got engaged a year ago and we had a party, just at home with lots of friends and relatives, everybody seemed to have a great time, nobody spent a fortune on pressies, and it was not expected they would.

Its just as well we did, cause our lovely future SIL lost his dad just four months later, really unexpectedly from a massive heart attack at a young age.

So just wanted to say that lifes too short to worry about little things, if you wanna have a party, then have it, the people who love you will come, even if its miles away and if they dont, then its their loss!

Our daughter had not got a date in mind to get married when we had the party, with house prices theres a lot of saving to do. But we wouldnt have missed the party for the world!

a party is a good idea to get family together, as croydebay21 said house prices are going up so i think its best to get your foot on the property ladder 1st and get married when your ready, as that can be expensive.

Hope the party goes well for you.

geek grrrl

not for atleast 4 years, we want to sort out the mortgage and things … not for atleast 4 years, we want to sort out the mortgage and things first

Think that's very sensible. I've been engaged for almost 14 years now - don't believe in rushing into things :thumbsup:

Good luck for the party and your lives together.
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