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Found 13th Jul 2007
Hi all,

I will be proposing to my g/f next month (Aug) and therefore need to have a ring by then. I have a budget of around £1000 although I'm willing to stretch the budget if a good deal is available. Despite having read about the 4 C's, I don't think I can spot the differences between a bad vs good diamond ring. My preference is to get her a platinum diamond ring but don't know if that budget is sufficient.

If you have experience and knowledge on where to the best deals are then please please let me know. I have been told that diamond rings are cheaper in Turkey - is that true? Or are they better in the States given the current favourable exchange rate?

Many thanks in advance for your support.

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my advice is if you can, go for platinum, thats what my hubby did for me and WOW! all the platinum stuff is great!
also, when i was buying my tag heuer watch, i went to a shopping mall, and looked for the one i wanted, then went between 2 jewlers that were close together seeing what each one could do for me, in the end, i got a massive £150 off! well worth it in my opinion!!! i was keep saying, 'well, the other jewlers were going to give it to me for £xxx, can you beat it?' - then i would say, hmmmm, let me think about it, i will be back soon', then i would do the same at the other place, i also found that having the cash on me helped to persuade them when it came down to it, i would show them the money and say, 'i will give you £X' it did work!!! good luck and congratulations!!!!
I used to sell diamond jewellery, so i know quite a lot about it but don't worry that you can't tell the difference with the diamond quality as that is the whole point.

I quality diamonds have imperfections that's visable to the naked eye, so VS and above won't have any imperfections that's visable to the naked eye and only via further inspection with a magnifier and any half decent jeweller will be able to give you honest advice on what the qualities of the ring contain.

Turkey is very cheap for gold but knowing that you have money will mean they will try and get as much out of you and you can always negotiate, my friend actually got about 70% knocked off the price they offered him, so be careful if you decide to go down that route but i don't know what they're like for Platinum and diamonds.

America would most likely be able to offer you a better price, mainly due to the favourable exchange rate but i would advise you look around your local highstreet before you go away...... maybe you can even add going abroad as part of the special occasion, by whisking your gf away and then proposing to her in a glam atmosphere.

Good luck and congratulations on your decision, if you require any further advice, feel free to ask and i'll help you out any way that i can.


You can easily find a new pair on ebay for a good price, just make sure you buy from someone that has high feedback, so you know the gold is not only real but so is the diamonds, as there's a lot of cubic zerconia in circulation (cheap material that looks like diamond but has no value).

Remember, when you buy diamond, you have to look at the 4 C's which is:

CARAT = which is the size of the diamond

COLOUR = which is closeness of being as pure as possible in colour, the later the letterings are, the worse it is and has lower value and sparkle, so try and find something no worse than H-I in colour.

CLARITY = which is how clean the diamond is of imperfections, I3 clarity is the worse you can buy, which means it's got dirty spots inside the diamond visible to the naked eye and not only that, it will eventually shatter, which the whole point of a diamond is that they're supposed to last forever.
In order to keep costs down, try and buy no worse than SI3, which still has dirty marks but it's not visible to the eye, only after zooming in will the dirt be visable, obviously the better this is as well, the more the price will be.

CUT = The shape of the diamond, round is the most popular but baguette is up and coming but this is most important for your viewing pleassure in regard to the shape.
The cut needs to be perfected, as an over or undercut can decrease the light reflections passed throughout the diamond, meaning it will minimise the sparkle but most diamonds are well cut anyway but watch out for this.

If you decide to buy a diamond from a shop, bare in mind that it will sparkle magnificently but it won't have the same effect once you walk out the store, as they have perfectly placed artificial lighting in order to make the diamond sparkle from all angles.

Regarding the metal used, Carat basically means how much pure gold is in the base metal, so when 24ct gold is pure, for 9 you just turn it into a percentage by diving 9ct with 24.

e.g 9ct = 37.5% pure gold
14ct = 58.3% pure gold
18ct = 75% pure gold

No one really produces 22-24ct gold anymore, as gold is a soft metal and making it too close to 100% pure gold basically means the metal will mould around your finger and some cases, can snap, so it's best to stick to 9-18ct, which you can findout what it is by looking inside the golds base, which will contain a stamp.
Excellent advice

Try looking in Barbados or Amsterdam.......
Buy something from Argos, pop it in a high quality jewellers box, and spend the rest on your stag do!
hi i have bought a few items of jewelery from turkey they are cheap for gold not diamonds in fact they can be more expensive,
I don't know about buying jewellery abroad, but what I did was asked around friends, relatives, locals etc. to get some names of good goldsmiths (rather than jewellery re-sellers) and go to them. They will usually give excellent advice, be able to make something for you and you'll have something unique.

This is not the time to be cheap - get the right ring and you're sorted.

I bought my engagement ring from here:
and it was the best £1500 I have ever spent
Impressive post realfriendlyman!
You learn something new every day!
Depends on your girlfriend but when my sweetie proposed he put alot of effort into the night ... and it really was not about the ring at all. So my advise is don't focus soley on the rock ... ensure she has a night/day/weekend she will remember for always! Good luck :-D
My engagement ring cost £24 and is made from 100% pure cubic zirconia. It's the man that I love gave me the ring and that's why I love my engagement ring.

Love is about making her feel special every day not how much your budget is for a ring.

Good luck!
Thanks for the rep MattC and Foxy, it's appreciated and i hope the advice i provided earlier helps many others also hoping to pop the question.

As others have mentioned, remember it's not just about the size of the rock, it's about the beauty of the design, which says a lot about how much you care about her and don't forget to findout what size ring she wears, you may even want to take another ring that she uses and get it meassured.

Remember, in my opinion, the main part of a proposal is to make your loved one feel special, wine her, dine her and take her to see the most beautiful sights there is to offer and when popping the question, don't be nervous, as she wouldn't of still been with you on a long term basis, if she didn't love you and have long term plans.

So just make sure you're relaxed, you plan ahead for a great evening and be natural.

Hope to hear the good news about the engagement in the near future. :thumbsup:
[SIZE=2]Free expert advice RFMan. [/SIZE]
:-D Take her to Dubai for a few day and buy the ring over there about 50% cheaper than here and twice the quality plus have a good holiday while your over there. I know a jeweller who goes to Dubai now to buy his diamonds instead of Amsterdam
hi, we have just come back from turkey, husband brought me a white gold, ruby and diamond ring, we were recomeneded a jewlers out their and they were supurb, anyhow have just had it valued for insurance purposes, and it was valued at £1850.00 we paid £619.00 they said that the ruby was a very good one and gold was of good quality, so i am very pleased. but i would say if that is how you want to get her a ring make sure that its a good jewler, if i can be of any more help pm me.:thumbsup:
Don't buy a diamond their price is artificially inflated by a cartel that controls supply and the diamond trade supports several very dodgy regimes around the world and has been responsible for the death of many innocent civilians.

Try buying a Moissanite ring instead - it is similar to diamond but artificially created thus guaranteed no to fund any of the worlds conflicts.

Don't buy one - if she says no a grand is alot to lose. Take her with you to choose one after you ask - chances are she knows what she likes better than you anyway.
If you live in the Midlands go to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham

There are alot of shops there that manufacture their own rings, and you'll find the prices about half (if not a quarter) or the price that you'd find in main stream shops.

With your budget you can even have something specially designed and handmade for her. That makes it extra special.

Wishing you the best of luck

Don't buy one - if she says no a grand is alot to lose. Take her with you … Don't buy one - if she says no a grand is alot to lose. Take her with you to choose one after you ask - chances are she knows what she likes better than you anyway.

Or follow Seans advice, as the ring she may really want could be alot less than you think;-)
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