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Hey people I know this is a long shot but what the hell. Im looking to buy an engagement ring for my girl friend. I priced one in my home town for £17500,,,, its a princess cut, with diamond shoulders platium gold ring. Hoping for a bit of luck i decided to put this post up and see if any one has any ideas about possibly aquiring one at a more competitive price. it has to be that exact description but like it said its a long shot

any advice would be gr8

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congrats but.......

engagement & £17500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much is the wedding ring! :w00t:

£17,500? Whoa, you must be loaded, and you must really love her!

Mine was £100 or so...but it was 14 years ago. My wedding ring was £180. Hmmm...are you for real? £17500?? :w00t:
And if your girlfriend turns you down, do you want to give the ring to me :-D

congrats-and not meaning to be funny-but wouldn't you be better using that sort of money for a house deposit or fab honeymoon-and spend £16,000 less-i'd be afraid to wear a ring that cost that much incase i lost or damaged it.

If she loves you £1,500 is more than generous on a ring in my book !

17500?? is that a typo m8? if you can afford that for an engagement ring you dont need advice from a deals forum-lol!

go to a wholesale jeweller-not a retailer-anything you buy on the high street will have greatly dropped in value the minute you walk out the door of the shop.

ask around for local wholesalers-if you are in scotland use mcintyres-they are excellent.

if you want maximum value for money on jewellery-NEVER buy it in a high street store-their mark ups are enormous.

wayyy too much if it was me i would prefer a cheaper ring like everyone else has said £1,500 and have the rest of the money spent else where.

surely the "traditional" thing is spend one months wages on an engagement ring-thats what I always thought-nobody else ever heard that?

thats GOT to be a typo

I agree with the others, £1000 or so will buy you a very nice engagement ring. Spend the rest on a fabulous luxury honeymoon, memories will last you a lifetime. If you still want to buy her a £17500 ring, make sure to give a tube of superglue to go with it!


surely the "traditional" thing is spend one months wages on an engagement … surely the "traditional" thing is spend one months wages on an engagement ring-thats what I always thought-nobody else ever heard that?

yeah, thats what I've always thought. Depends what you do for a living though, I mean, being a stockbroker and a model would probably net you that much but I doubt many others earn £17k a month! ;-)


surely the "traditional" thing is spend one months wages on an engagement … surely the "traditional" thing is spend one months wages on an engagement ring-thats what I always thought-nobody else ever heard that?

I have, but for some reason I don't think this guy earns £17500 a month... otherwise why would he be on HUKD?!

i'm not sure i'd want a ring costing that much-its abit like a bloke who drives a top of the range porsche isn't it? I mean-its almost like there is something to prove.

If i was your girlfriend mate-i'd rather a really nice ring at £1,000 and a fab honeymoon-and maybe a beautiful gold bracelet or necklace as a wedding pressie-i really would.

Its a long time since i got my ring-but it was bought with love and given with love-and that was special to me-i also got a gorgeous gold bracelet the day i got married which was a lovely thought-and they have both lasted years with no problems.

Believe me-special thoughts and memories are much more important than money spent.

My daughter works in the jewelery quater in Birmingham and she informs me that you can save a fortune she thinks you could be looking at about half the cost you quoted depending on the quality of the stone and setting:)

it's a larf a minute here with these bargain seekers
Don't forget Quidco when you get your ring.
You'll be able to an average persons ring with the proceeds.


for £5000 I'd want that photo to represent actual size!

yeah one month is the traditional ... or was that an extra digit LOL ...

how about this - Tiffany's ... which is acknowledged to be a pretty decent investment.…204

select the over £5k range. for £8k you can get a diamond studded ring not just one ring.

or select Engagement ring.
The Tiffany set ring will set you back at least £22k.

would you like to marry me instead haha x x Sounds like a beautiful ring x Have to admit that does sound like a hell of a lot of money for a ring esspecially in the credit crunch etc.

Congratulations though and post back and let us know if she says yes x

When I got engaged (now divorced I add lol) my engagement ring cost £45 - it was exactly what I wanted in the range we could afford and I still think its pretty now, just a shame its sat in a jewlery box haha x

good luck x

Oh my god Ive just got engaged and I know for a fact my ring was NO WAY near that price thank god 1} whats happens if it gets lost stolen how gutted would you feel and 2} i'd rather the money go towards the actually wedding.
Its NOt the price but the setiment and meaning that counts!


thats GOT to be a typo

its GOTTA be a wind up

my god wonder how much the wedding day is gonna cost ?
if that is how much the ring is costing


its GOTTA be a wind up

Definitely. Where is OP?

OP is working hard for the money ...

Blimey, thats alot of money for something she could be too scared to wear.
I personally think if she needs that much spent on her for her first ring, what is the whole marriage gonna be like?

Has anyone used diamond-heaven before. ? They seem pretty good and have ticked all the boxes so far in terms of service/returns etc but just wondering if anyone has had dealings with them on here.?

If someone had 17 grand to spend on a ring i hardly think they would be on here trying to save a few hundred quid ,or am i being too cynical.

Original Poster

lol im a fool, typing error guys..... I meant £1750!!!!!!!!!!1

Hahahaha LOL

You gave us all a laugh

Good luck :thumbsup:

£17.50 would be nearer my mark


lol im a fool, typing error guys..... I meant £1750!!!!!!!!!!1

She's very lucky-thats still alot of money-but much more realistic-CONGRATULATIONS-i'm sure it will be very special ! :thumbsup:

She is very lucky indeed,i was bought a 500 quid ring once and thought that was

I can'tbe of any use with your post but congrats anyway:thumbsup:

My lovely hubbie just bought me a beautiful diamond for a big birthday. He used diamond geezer dot com........ They have masses of different cuts, colours etc and are amazing value. Believe me you get more bling for your buck if you get off the high street. Generally their diamonds seem to be valued at double what you pay and they are all properly certified. Take a look........ (lucky lady!!)
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