Engine Code/number on VW Golf/Bora

Found 13th Apr 2008
Does anyone know where I can find the Engine code/number on a Mk4 VW Golf/Bora (excluding the stick in the boot!)

Thanks a lot !!!

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You should find a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on the size of the door or inside the bonnet. It will tell you your engine code as well as other details.

on the cam cover is a sticker will prob be 3 letters

It's stamped on the engine block on a sort of flat metal plate, look in the engine bay you can't really miss it, it's near the front - I think on the left but not 100% sure, it will be something like AUM or AGU or similar.

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thanks a lot guys. I took a part of the engine cover off and it was just snuck round the corner on a sticker which also has a barcode on it

rep +++ for all !!
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