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Engine Light On - Toyota Avensis '51 plate - HELP PLEASE!!

Posted 14th Jan 2009
Hi peeps

Need some help. Had Toyota Avensis serviced by local mechanic, but now the engine light is on. Wonder if it's a service reminder, i.e. if there's a reset button somewhere that Toyota dealers press to confirm the service has been done? Have just travelled over 300 miles in the last couple of days and no probs with car. Am loathed to spend money at the Toyota garage before finding out if perhaps this could be the problem.

Any help or suggestions really would be appreciated!


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Hi sally. It may be that your local mechanic is very good at changing oil and filters, but does not know how to reset the automatic signal that tells you that you need a service, even when you have had one done. Your best bet, in my opinion is to splash out 30 odd quid on this little baby, ]http//ww…htm which will tell you what the problem is. You can reset your own service reminder with this. Hope this helps!:thumbsup:
PS this will only work if your car is petrol!
Thanks Castortroy, the car is petrol. The mechanic did a full service and he's a mate of my folks so I'll see if he knows how to sort it before I consider buying the thingy you gave me the link for. Useful little gadget though eh! Many thanks

i had a similar problem with my Rover. the engine light came on intermitantly. the Rover dealer wanted £200 just to look at it. My advice would be to look in yellow pages and get a mobile mechanic to look at it. some have the diagnostic machines and charge a fraction of the price to check the fault. thats probably the only way you will know what the problem is. good luck
Ouch!!!! £200!!! I don't want to pay £20, never mind £200!!! lol
hi had the same problem...had it serviced then light pops up...its one of your sensors, commonly its the air-flow sensor or emmision sensor as its been serviced the pressure output has changed so the computer inside goes funny which then triggers the sensor.

hope this help depending on the sensor it will cost you £60-70 for sensor and £20 to fit
i know. when the mobile mechanic came round he charged me £30 to do the test and there wasnt even a fault. he said that the newer cars are designed to throw these faults so you have to go to the dealers. the fault code was to do with the air con unit. the car didnt even have it........ i wondered if the Rover garage had said that.....
It would be impossible to know what the problem is from the post. What light is on - service? engine management? If it's the latter you need to see whar fault codes are stored in the ecu. Try ]here or give some more detail!
Or you could try disconnecting the battery overnight. If the fault is still present the light will come back on. Be sure you have the radio code if it has one!
Thanks everyone for the advice so far!

JTX...I think it will be the engine management light (my knowledge of cars is nil!). The light that is on is the one that looks like an engine! Does this help for further suggestions?

I had the same problem, but with a focus... I know its a completely different car but I took it to the ford dealer and they said the computer needed an update, or something to that effect..I cant remember exactly.. They charged me £80 and the light came on again a couple of weeks later. I ignored it and it disappeared. That was six months ago.. No problems since...
Looking at a few car forums, the fault appears to be an oxygen sensor. The avensis has 4 fitted so you need to get the fault code from the hand held monitor to know which one to change. A toyota garage will liberate you of £200 for the privelege. Also reading some of the posts Toyota will happily tell you that it may need a Cat and ECU, in excess of £900!!!!!!
OMG! Whatever the problem is.........parting with my hard-earned cash is the common denominator!!!

Thank you all for your advice and suggestions - I'm gonna contact the mechanic tomorrow and see what he thinks....he'll probably not charge me if it's just a matter of sticking a probe onto the car! (here's hoping!)

Will post his response to let you know!

Thanks again

the bloke next door jumped start me aventis
it now only revs to 3000 revs and loads of lights have come on it still drives but battery dont charge
is there anyway this is a easy fix or have i got to pay toyota £200 just to tell me what wrong
i have had this light on now for over 2 years,it does not effect the driving of car,every garage ,mechanic you talk to wants to charge you £15+ for the previlage of telling you what code is coming up.
my car is toyota avensis x reg.
when i disconnect battery for 5 minutes plus,the light goes out,but it comes back on after afew miles of driving.
what i would like some one to post is where these sensors are located,and how easely tthey are accessable.
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