engine malfunction and car loses power

Posted 20th Dec 2014
Hey everyone

Thought I'd ask the knowledgeable folks here as a lot of people here know their stuff.

Driving along in my 07 ford galaxy diesel and the engine malfunction sign comes on and car loses power. This is on the motorway. I scream like a man and get the car to the hard shoulder. I stop the car, turn engine off, give it a few minutes and it starts up again and I start driving.

I go at 70 for a bit and then just go a bit higher and it happens again.

So thankfully I'm at my destination but freaking worried about what's up with the car.

I've had the battery changed recently and locally it's fine no problem.

When I was driving on the motorway, the car did grunt a bit when at 70. I've had the car for about 7 months and have a number of motorway miles but something didn't feel right.

Not sure if it's the battery that's the problem with the wrong one fitted maybe.

Just trying to get some idea of what's wrong before I start ringing the garages tomorrow.

Locally it's fine but go up to about 70 and it does not seem as smooth as it was before the battery change.

Any ideas?


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