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Found 4th May 2008
We have bought a car & the engine No. is different to the log book - We want to check what the engine is by it's number...Does anyone know where we can get this info...Online & Free if possible.

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I can't offer you any guidance, unfortunately, on tracing the origin of the engine that's currently installed in your car (other than getting your local franchised dealer to check it out for you). However, there is quite a bouyant market for remanufactured engines and a high proportion of these (in my experience) get installed without the V5 documents bieng updated. Given this I wouldn't automatically assume that there's something "dodgy" about your car.
Dvla ?
this happened to a friend at a motor auction, he just threw it back at them not sure if the usual legal issues exist with a motor as it does with a car, so best take some impartial professional advice first
I had a veryv rude call from a man who claimed he was a firend of the lady who bought my car over two years ago. He said I had changedt he engine and that it was stolen etc. I asked him how he knew all this an he said soemthing like " it must be dodgy coz it doesnt match the log book" I asked him not to call again and did a bit of homework and the car was converted to a diesel by a garage about 5 years before me. It had not been changed over and I hadn't checked but no crime had been commited. He was very threatening and I think he was after money, but after such a long time I wouldn't entertain him or his threats. It did scar me though!
get an AA check done
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