Found 21st Dec 2010
Hi all,

car was due an engine oil change last week. have used ATS for the past couple of years, purely because they used shell oil. shell oil is the one recommended by my car manufaturers.

however on this occasion was told ATS no longer uses Shell oil, but unipart (generic), and even then charge more than they did for the shell!

so now i need to find out whatoil brand each of the different companies(kwikfit/national etc) stock and charge

anyone know?




You ring and ask.

If you know the guys in the garage why not buy the oil yourself and specifically request that they use the oil you provide.

It's the oil specification you need to worry about more than anything, the brand less so.

Don't know where you are based but just check google with shell and oil service.

for examle this one poped up:…d=7

Alternatively, at many places you can specify which oil you want (for an extra charge...)
But as people said before, it is mainly the specification that matters, not the brand.

You do not have to use Shell, that is just commercial hype, any brand will do the job as long as it is to the correct standard.

shell oil is the one recommended by my car manufaturers

nice weighty bit of cash behind that recomendation i imagine, any same spec oil will do

Car makers always recommend oil but you just need the right oil for the car more than a specific brand. I would think you could specify oil if you really wanted to but they will charge more anyway.

Most garages like this use whatever they can buy in cheap and probably won't be using high grade Shell or Castrol anyway.

As said you just take whatever oil you have to the garage & they will be more than happy to use as it will also save them money.
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