Engine Oil for a 52 plate Mercedes C220 cdi

Found 23rd Dec 2013
I'm after engine oil for a service on my 52 plate Mercedes C220 cdi.

Im looking to save money by providing the mechanic with my own supplies. I need your help to source engine oil. The oil can be any of the following specification:
0w-40, 5w-40 or 10w-40 oil and needa to meet MB229.1, 229.3 or 229.5 approval.

I can find the correct oil with any of the grading but they all have the 1 after the MB number i.e 229.31 or 229.51. Having the extra one will that make a difference?

Links to any online prices will be appreciated amazon, ebay etc.
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Try http://www.eurocarparts.com
Euro car parts
They go by your reg number for correct parts.
Eurocarparts or Carparts4less are your best options,put in your reg number and they will show you the parts for your car Bavis
Opie oils are also car forum favourites
I believe the 3 or 5 represents mineral or synthetic, the 1 represents low ash for dpf fitted vehicles
Ring Mercedes dealer and ask what you should be using.
The oil type should be listed in your vehicle manual and service book
If your in Kent let me know as I have a Halfrauds trade card.
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