Engineered oak flooring

    Hi, I've been searching for a couple of hours now - need about 26sq metres or solid or engineered wood flooring for our living room... best I've found is £13.99 sqm. Can you do better?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi - we recently found some for the same price from a well known company. Is the stuff youhave found the "click-lock" type? Ours was and no matter how hard we tried it just would not fit together.Weve done floors before and never had such problems. Anyway we ended up taking it back and had no problems getting full refund. The shop noted the reason for return as "faulty". Have found that the more expensive woods (not laminates) are much easier to work with - the main difference being that they seem to be thicker (18mm) rather than the 13mm the cheaper stuff was.

    Any thing that's significantly cheaper than what you have found would be bettered by using palletts.

    im sure stax had some if you have one locally and know anyone with a card or can get one? there was a lot of choice and offers.

    used to deal with a customer in Welshpool, Powys Name of Kenton Jones Kitchens. No number for him as not in that trame any more sorry:oops:
    very good quality home grown timber and easy to fit, not sure of prices but he does deliver and its true the old addage "you only get what you pay for!"

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    Fair enough - I'll check out a couple of timber yards locally and see if they've got anything we like - could see what's possible by ordering A LOT of free samples!

    Thanks guys!

    These guys are great for wood flooring.
    Some sweet deals that seem to change every couple of weeks.
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