Posted 14th Oct 2021
I know this isn’t the student room but I think that people on this forum would be more realistic and less toxic etc.

Would love some advice from people who studied or are in the profession.

I am a pharmacy student and am not sure if I want to continue. Pharmacy is something I am better at but engineering seems more interesting. Most jobs in engineering I wouldn’t do, only design engineering which excites me bc of creativity and innovative tech. Be someone like Steve jobs or mark rober etc. YouTube it seems like anything is possible but when I go on job searches to see what types of jobs would be available as a graduate, it seems like it’s rare and the jobs listed for engineering don’t seem to interesting for me. Pharmacy is a good option but it doesn’t involve any creativity (I do enjoy learning about drugs, patients etc) and the top jobs don’t seem so amazing. Also people say stress, high workload and lack of progression/money.

As you probably can tell I’m an indecisive person and don’t really know what I want to achieve. Engineering is the risky route and pharmacy is the safe option.

I want to have a fulfilling career. Not stuck doing admin on a computer but doing something that direction or indirectly helps people and exercises by curious and science loving brain. I’m lost.

Would appreciate a response from people who are in either industry
Thank you
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