Engineers tools

Need help to buy good quality engineers tools not cheep stuff! i am 18 just started working for a company thats putting me through colage, and they told me i need to buy my own tools, looking for a tool chest and some good tools.. Spaner's, Ratchets, screwdrivers.. i need loads of stuff and know i will have to pay like £400 just for a basic set.

IF ANYONE HAS SOME TOOLS FOR SALE i will offer on them good quality stuff not tools you got from ASDA!

Oh and one last thing am i entitled to any money back as i am buying them for work purposes? and to be honest i thought my company would have had to provide me with the tools to do the job, but obvisly this isnt the case?

ty all responses and opinoins will be highly valued!


You can get tax breaks for buying equipment.

Hold on, I've seen that bomb avatar, you're not numptyj are you?


Hey you may even learn to spell "college" while you are there !


>colageHey you may even learn to spell "college" while you are there !

Rude, and unneccessary.

Good Luck with your course, Bomb!
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