England Expects - Win back the price of your TV or Laptop if England win the world cup.

1. Buy a Toshiba TV before 10 June 2010 to get your money back if England win the cup

2. Buy a Toshiba laptop with the latest Intel® Core processors before 10 June 2010 to get your money back if England win the cup

Full T&C's and product list at toshibafootball.com/ind…asp

PLEASE NOTE: Someone posted a similar deal that Amazon are offering, but it forms part of the same deal and is not just offered at Amazon. This is a Toshiba deal so doesn't matter where you buy the TV from. If you choose select model and pick a model you can see the store list.


fail.... lol

Just buy the TV and don't open it - Then take it back in the opening weeks when England get put out

Products List For End-User Toshiba Football Promotion 12th April 2010 To … Products List For End-User Toshiba Football Promotion 12th April 2010 To 10th June 2010 Type Model Television 32KV713B Television 32LV665D Television 32LV713B Television 32RV635D Television 32RV665D Television 32RV753B Television 32SL753B Television 32XV635DB Television 32XV733B Television 37RV635D Television 37RV665 Television 37RV675D Television 37RV753B Television 37XV635D Television 37XV733B Television 37ZV635D Television 40KV713B Television 40LV665D Television 40LV713B Television 40RV753B Television 40SL753B Television 40WL753B Television 40XV733B Television 42AV635D Television 42RV635D Television 42RV665D Television 42XV635D Television 42ZV635D Television 46SL753B Television 46SV685D Television 46WL753B Television 46XV635D Television 46XV733B Television 47ZV635D Television 55SV685D Television 55WL753B Television 55ZV635D Television 19AV615DB (Co-op only) Television 19DV615DB (Co-op only) Television 19DV665DB (Co-op only) Television 22AV615DB (Co-op only) Television 22DV667D (Co-op only) Television 32AV615DB (Co-op only) Television 32AV633 (Co-op only) Television 32AV635DB (Co-op only) Television 32RV733B (Co-op only, B2B only) Television 40RV733B (Co-op only, B2B only) Laptop Qosmio X500-10T Laptop Qosmio X500-10X Laptop Qosmio X500-116 Laptop Qosmio X500-11M Laptop Satellite A500-1GL Laptop Satellite A500-1GM Laptop Satellite L500-1QK Laptop Satellite L500-1XC Laptop Satellite L500-1XD Laptop Satellite L505-144 Laptop Satellite L555-11K Laptop Satellite P500-14L Laptop Satellite P500-1CG Laptop Satellite Pro L500-1TX Laptop Satellite Pro L500-1VT Laptop Satellite Pro L550-17R Laptop Satellite Pro S500-10E Laptop Satellite Pro S500-11C Laptop Satellite Pro U500-1DK Laptop Satellite Pro U500-1E4 Laptop Satellite Pro U500-1E5 Laptop Satellite Pro U500-1EX Laptop Satellite U500-1E0 Laptop Satellite U500-1EX Laptop Tecra A11-11H Laptop Tecra A11-12F

Promotion SummarySelect your country of residence form the flags provided … Promotion SummarySelect your country of residence form the flags provided on the landing page. (Scottish, Welsh, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Irish consumers have to select the United Kingdom flag) Fill in the details required page by page on the website, including your correct Invoice date, correct Model type, and full business details for business purchases. Read and agree to the promotion Terms and Conditions, as all registrations are bound to the terms and conditions, of the relevant country. These details will create a Registration Certificate, which you will need to print and store until you need to make a claim. (You will be sent a confirmation e-mail informing you of your successful registration, attached to this e-mail will be a second copy of your Registration Certificate.) If your selected country wins the Men’s International First Team Football Tournament In South Africa on 11th July 2010 then you can claim for the full value of your correctly registered machines as per your invoice/receipt. (VAT registered business purchases, will receive the value minus VAT) To claim send a copy of your Registration Certificate along with your Original Invoice/receipt (If you have purchased from an online retailer, you will receive an electronic invoice. A print out of this is acceptable) to the promotional address below: Toshiba Football PromotionPO Box 125UckfieldTN22 5UZEnglandWe strongly recommend that you send your application recorded delivery, as you only have one opportunity to claim. As per the Terms and Conditions of this promotion, it is imperative that you send your application to arrive within 21 days of the tournament final. Final date for valid claims to be received is 2nd August 2010. Your application will be received and verified, on receipt of a valid application we will issue and send a cheque within 14 days of 2nd August 2010. If an invalid application is submitted we will send back your application, along with a letter explaining the reason for rejection. For any further details or if you require any assistance please email [email protected] We endeavour to respond to all queries within 72 hours of receipt.

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