England to Oz adaptor? Aus phone cars?

    Hey i need to get two things!

    Firstly i need a England to Auistralia plug adaptor, so normal england 3 pin plug to aus style wall socket. (If possible this needs to be delivered to oz)
    Secondly i know its possible to buy like phone cards to phone other countries for cheap, but is thre one for oz (I have heard of african ones etc but never one to phone aus)

    So if anyone knows much about either including where to buy them it would be much appreciated.



    When I went last year I bought everything I needed there, was advised that it was cheaper that way. Didn't have any trouble.

    Australia is a bit behind the UK with the internet, and online shopping isn't too common or smaller things like travel plugs (or it was when I went) so you could struggle getting it delivered there.

    Travel adaptors are easy enough to pick up at any supermarket. Dunno why you'd want to have it delivered to Oz. Isn't it going with you in yer suitcase? Maybe I didn't read something right. ;-)

    It'd be cheaper to get a SIM card for your phone IN Oz. Ofc, you'll need a phone that's unlocked. If you wanted to organise it before you go however you could check out ]http//ww…ng/ for the deal best suited to your needs.

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    Oh and the adaptor is not for me its for someone who is already over there
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