English Earthquake - You were lucky to survive, t0mm!!!!

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Found 7th Mar 2008
With all the news on TV in recent times about mother nature biting back; the hurricanes that America is experiencing, the typhoons in China, flooding in Switzerland and recent mud slides in South America, tsunamis in Asia, we shouldn't forget that the UK has its share of devastation too.

Attached is a photo illustrating the damage caused to my mate's home in Lincolnshire from the earthquake that occurred last week. It really makes you cherish what you have, and reminds us not to take things for granted.

Take care of yourself and be safe.


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Oh, I saw that picture the day after it happened! not very good up to times are we shibi! :giggle:

why thank you for using me as your scapegoat.

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why thank you for using me as your scapegoat.

I am just amazed at how you managed to dodge the devastation!!! You were foremost in my thoughts when I saw this!

I'd tell you the story, which would probably keep you laughing for hours. But i'll save that for another rainy day.

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I'm intrigued. As I'm sure we all are. :?

Fine i'll tell you.

It was a fine night on 27th of February 2008. I was laying in bed watching TV whilst on skype to a few friends.
I was minding my own business when I heard this rumbling that sounded like a plane was coming down.
However, my thoughts were soon to be shattered when the room started shaking and I realised this wasn't an aeroplane, but an earthquake!
I got up to my feet as fast as I could, there, I ran around my room shouting earthquake.
I ran toward the doorframe, then toward my television, PS3, laptop and xbox 360. Seeing as this equals to more then my life did on that freaky "how much your body's worth" website. I still couldn't decide.
I would have decided the "stop drop and roll" technique but I believed this would only work if I was on fire.
By this time i'd noticed, the rumbling noise had stopped, the ground had started shaking..
And I, was a survivor, of the great earthquake.

See didn't that just make you laugh outloud.

That was probably the biggest post i've written without using copy and paste.

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Yes, mate, that did make me laugh out loud!!! Not least because I really do believe you when you say that is the longest post you have ever physically typed!!:roll:

Do you watch Lost? The picture I was imagining was of the 'others' all about their normal doings when they heard the rumble of the Oceanic flight about to crash on their island. :lol:

I note you didn't rush OUT of your room to see if the rest of your family were okay - your first instinct was to try and save all your 'toys'!!! :w00t: :geek:

I do watch lost, with that I need to watch episode 6 tonight.

Hell I shouted earthquake "freckles" what more do you want? I woke them that way.
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