English Heritage membership automatically extended by 3 months due to pandemic

Posted 13th May 2020
You can only see this update if you log in to the 'Member's Area' for which you will need your membership number and surname together with an email address.


The latest government forecasts make clear that we will not be able to re-open on 1st May as originally hoped. Instead we will re-open as soon as government advice allows us to, and only then with measures in place to ensure your health and safety. This will be disappointing for you, as it is for us. We had planned new exhibitions, experiences, events and activities to show and entertain you and these will have to wait a little longer. They will be worth waiting for though!

To compensate for this loss, we have taken the decision to extend all existing memberships – including yours – by three months. And we will continue to keep the situation under review should we need to remain closed for longer.

How will this be done? When the renewal date is due for your membership, you will be given 15 rather 12 months of access. There is no need for you to contact us to arrange this.

If you would like to opt out of this change, to forgo the extension in order to provide additional support to us as a conservation charity, then please simply fill in our extension opt-out form here.

In the meantime, we will continue to bring our historic sites and chapters in England’s story to you at home - through our magazines, website, podcasts, e-newsletters, recommended reading, learning materials, video and social media accounts. We hope there will be something for everyone to enjoy in this period.

Thank you for helping to keep England’s story alive while our sites remain closed. Our work is made possible by your support and that of other Members. We are very grateful for you continuing to bear with us, especially in these uncertain times.

We look forward to seeing you once this very strange period is over, and celebrating our shared love of what has been handed down to us – and what we in turn will pass to future generations.
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