English Language or English Language Studies?!

    What is the difference between these university courses?!

    Can someone tell me how the word 'studies' makes a course different?...


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    saying you have studied english language sounds better than i have done english language studies... thats how id make my decision!

    Do they have the same course code?

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    Do they have the same course code?


    Hmmm... have you tried googling the course codes to see if you can find any more info on the courses? From what I have seen the same course code is used for the same course at different unis

    I'm gonna take a guess and say that English Language is more academic and therefore more highly regarded. A teacher at my old Sixth Form once said to my friend that all subjects with "studies" in their name were doss subjects. Not entirely true, but I'd steer clear of anything which remotely sounds like a doss subject.

    What are the entry requirements for each?
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