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Found 3rd Jan 2007
Some great bargains appear on Amazon DE (I got my Wii from there) but the lack of an English version of the site makes the ordering process a bit fraught.

So I've had a go at creating a Greasemonkey script which translates parts of Amazon DE from German into English to make it easier to navigate and order.


NB: the script requires Firefox and the greasemonkey.mozdev.org/ Greasemonkey plugin.

Be interested to hear any feedback (I'm still making a few tweaks). And whether there's any interest in something similar for Amazon FR.
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Hi Chris,
Welcome to HUKD:)

I've not tried it because I'm on IE7 but I know a lot of posters use Firefox, maybe they'll let you know.
did u get charged any vat?
Nice try, but it needs a lot of work.

And who is "doctwholoca-21"?

did u get charged any vat?

No extra customs charges in the EU. Similarly if you order lots of books from the US - there's no extra charges on them either. I ordered on the Monday and it was here on the Friday (before Christmas). You do need an adaptor plug (about a pound from a Poundland type shop - although I'm not actually sure they sell them). Think they are out of stock of the Wiis at the moment.

Nice try, but it needs a lot of work.And who is "doctwholoca-21"?

Thanks for your comments. Could you be more specific about what bits are not working for you or what I should concentrate on?

It's probably fair to say that that it'll never be a complete or perfect translation - I wanted to focus on getting the essentials working (eg searching and ordering as you're probably not going to sell your stuff on Amazon DE). It's also fairly easy to extend the script yourself to translate the bits you need.

doctowholoca-21 is my affliate code for Amazon DE. Anyone, of course, can edit the script to replace it with their own or remove it completely. It's not actually tracking even clicks at the moment so I've stuffed it up somehow.
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