Enhance your figure without surgery!

    A woman goes to her doctor for advice about enhancing her bust.

    She explains that she is scared of surgery.

    The doctor is very sympathetic and refers her to a specialist who uses Dynamic Tension for bust enhancement.

    Doctor Gibson, the specialist, tells her to press the palms of her hands together several times a day and focus her positive mental energy on the growth process.

    To help her he tells her to repeat a little mantra, I must, I must, increase my bust over and over again.

    She tries it and starts to see results after a couple of weeks, so she exercises every chance she gets.

    She is on the bus going to work one morning when the man in front of her turns round and says, Doctor Gibson?

    She blushes and says, Yes. How did you know?

    He smiles and says, Hickory Dickory!


    i'd like to improve my figures without surgery by the taxman!

    To improve your bust without surgery - try to touch your belly button with both your elbows at the same time.;-)
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