Entanet Resellers, your take?

    So, I migrated to a new ISP who are just reselling entanet's network.

    £19.99 for 30 GB / 300 GB respectively, peak / off-peak.

    I'm sure there are plenty of other people using similar ISPs (since they dominate ispreview's top 10 list) but I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who is having problems, or doesn't like the service they're getting? I checked out the official forum for the ISP in question and a few people are moaning about slow speeds.

    Personally the only downside I've noticed is an increase in latency (ping), whereas before with AOL I could ping UK based websites with a time circa. 30ms with Entanet it has gone up to circa. 50ms.

    Other than that there's a few times when the speed will drop perhaps by half during off-peak but in saying that.. I've been downloading a large set of files for the past hour at a fairly solid 800 KBps varying only a tiny bit.

    That's better than my other UK based ISP, for which I pay a little bit more for a considerably smaller download allowance.

    Makes you wonder. I guess you could say I'm fairly impressed :).


    I'm using ADSL24, not had a problem with them, far better than my old ISP Vispa! get constant speeds as I can't get more than 3Mbit Offpeak is worse off for people like yourself that can get higher speeds as the central bandwidth gets hit hard by downloaders but other than that my service has been exactly how I want it, would like more bandwidth but I can pay for it if I need it.

    I'm with Freeola (who are an Entanet reseller) and they are great.I switched from Tiscali over 18 months ago (who were truly abysmal).I'm getting over 4 times my previous connection speed,stable with no dropouts and their customer service (should you ever need it) is 1st class.Well worth the few extra quid a month in my experience.

    Check out DSL reports site for ISP ratings by their own customers:…php

    Hope this helps.:)

    I was with UKFSN for over a year and had no problems, I switched to BE as they had the same service but cheaper.

    The connection was rock solid and ideal for online gaming.
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