Entering the 'real' working world!

    Well the time has come (had to eventually) for me to enter the real working world

    I shall be working as an auditor and starting to train as a chartered accountant!

    Good points:

    More money
    London next thurs for overnight stay
    Glasgow the 1st- 5th sept and then destination unknow in scotland for 2 weeks after that
    Comp laptop

    Bad points:
    mon fri 9-5 and sat classes 9-5
    Very little time for on here (hence increased money!)


    Good luck hun, hope it goes well x

    Good luck.

    So is it ok if I pm you for a sub if I'm ever skint? :lol:

    good luck, i did a year in industry this year, if the real world is anything like this i wont be happy come graduation

    Original Poster

    modoc after i pay all my bills i'l prob still be skint lol

    guerilla dont be saying that your putting me off now lol


    Congratulation's on your success and i wish you all the best for the future x x

    Come and visit us lazy people in the evening.


    guerilla dont be saying that your putting me off now lol

    i only get through by saying to myself, "in a few years i'll be rich! well i will be as long as i dont do something stupid like get married and have kids etc." over and over, its like my mantra


    Good luck x

    9 to 5 Mon to Friday??
    You will be lucky. Trainee auditors I know work lot longer hours than that
    Good luck though, great start with wonderful prospects..

    Original Poster

    9 to 5 for the first month anyhows after that whatever i need to work i will
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