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    Hey Guys,

    Nice forum! Ive been looking about for a sound system + dvd player for my new HD tv that im pretty proud of!

    Im looking to get an idea of prices and whats out there had a look in all the usual places dabs, play etc but not really found anything thats cheap / good enough so I thought this would be the best place to get some ideas!!

    Let me know,



    price range?
    any aesthetical requirements?
    Can you run cables round behind your sofa for rear speakers? and even possibly side speakers?

    Original Poster

    Well, the sound system will be just for the bed room, was looking for sub & 3 speakers+ I was looking to spend under the £100 mark due to the TV i just bought and also leaving my job in three weeks time!!!

    Colour wise the tv is black so either black or wood as i have a lot of light wood in the bedroom.

    £100, hard, imo at that price you'll get a crappy system and won;t be value for money
    where this Goodmans speakers are £25 and are a great stop gap…874

    Until you can save for something like these:…tml

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    Very nice speakers, 930Watt, wow nice.

    However like I said I will be jobless next month and I hope to keep the spend under £100 the ones one Ebuyer look a bit too cheap! I will check a few different systems on they two websites and let you know if I find anything!
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