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Entry Gaming PC / Laptop (Flight Simulator)

Posted 5th Aug 2022

I really want to get an Xbox but my partner wants a Gaming PC as they want to play flight simulator (I know you can get it on Xbox but apparently it’s better/more add ons for PC).

So of course I have caved in as I’m happy to play games on steam via the PC.

I’ve seen a few deals on here but feel very confused by them all as some don’t even seem to come with windows pre installed.

Is there any particular websites I should look at or specific things that I should be making sure the PC includes before I buy the wrong thing or something sub par?

I also am on a budget so can’t be spending £1k or more on a PC, if I should just wait and save more because I particularly need a £1k laptop then do let me know as again I don’t want to get something if it’s not going to be sufficient.

Thanks so much in advance!
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