Environmentally friendly worm compost bins not friendly after all!!!

    Got a magazine from the OU this morning and in it it says that worm give off nitrous oxide as they munch through our kitchen screaps. Nitrous Oxide is 296 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as regards to environmental concerns.
    "we found from looking at large worm composting systems is that their emissions could be comparable in global warming potential to the methane from landfill sites. the amount of worm composting is very very small and the amount of landfill is huge but landfill sites are quite well run these days and it is possible to extract about half the gas they generate and us it for electricity generation. The amount of nitrous oxide emitted by large scale worm composting is something we should be looking at before we go further down that route. we also need to investigate emissions from domestic-scale worm bins as there are tens of thousans of these being used"
    Research carried out by Jim Frederickson, senior research fellow at the Open University;s Faculty of Technology!

    I thought some of you might be interested!

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    I now await the first worm powered car, slow, I think not :lol:
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