Eon 2nd generation energy monitor not working properly

Posted 17th May 2020
I joined Eon Energy around 6 months ago and was supplied with the latest 2nd generation energy monitor. It was working fine up until 3 weeks ago, when I noticed that the time was one hour behind, so I switched it off to reset it. However, once back on, it keeps saying that it is 'Waiting for current data' (with the internet picture flashing constantly) - and no usage figures are showing at all.

I've gone on to their website, and it tells you to initially start by resetting the monitor and/or moving it closer to the meter, which I have tried. It then states that they know about this known fault and are trying to work out a solution for it. It also states that I am not allowed to call them at the moment, as they are only dealing with priority customers due to the Coronavirus. Somebody on a forum said that they had been told that every 2 weeks the monitors reset so that any issues should be sorted out, but this has not happened with mine.

Has anybody else had this issue with the monitor? I have sent them an email about this, but it says that it could take weeks for them to get back to me. I only agreed to getting a monitor as I wanted to keep track daily of how much things were costing me to use, etc, and to see how much I have been spending on gas/electric daily, weekly, etc. I'm just wondering if anybody has been sent out a replacement monitor because of this issue? Thank you.
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