E.ON Energy - Register your Tesco Clubcard and get 1 point for every £2 spent - Money for nothing!

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Found 30th Jan 2010
Just registered my clubcard with E.On and I get 1 clubcard point for every £2 spent. This is pretty much money for nothing every year... it all adds up and it will take you 20 seconds to register.

Also check out if you are on Economy 7 or Standard tarrif, they can tell you instantly if you are on the right one for you. I have just saved over £200 per year by switching to standard... more cash i have clawed back and it hasn't cost me a penny.




I'm with Eon and do have my card registered with them, however, I swapped to Fixed Online 4 (or something like that) as it offered a discount of 23% but you can't get clubcards points on that plan.


Moved to MISC as this is info regarding a clubcard offer. It's been around for a long time too - I'm with Eon & get my points added from each bill

bit of old news this i was with eon 4 years ago and had this its good for clubcards points but their prices were more expensive (not at the start i might add but they kept putting them up so i left them)

does anyone know if you can collect points when you have prepayment meters fitted????

I cannot connect my energy appliances for points with tesco club card

Would like to register my tesco clubcard with e.on

I have been with e.on for years and used to get club card points but now I don't . Why?

They stopped it while back.


Would like to register my tesco clubcard with e.on

would like my clubcard registered with someone who does not tesco but e.on

Hi my wife register with EON aply to point my tesco club card. My name. ******. My wife's name ******
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I don't have Eon as supplier but have British Gas and get Nectar points with them.


Hi my wife register with EON aply to point my tesco club card. My … Hi my wife register with EON aply to point my tesco club card. My name.****** My wife's name *******

You need to contact eon. HotUKDeals is an entirely different and unrelated company. This thread is just a discussion about the scheme.
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Why don't I get tesco clubcard points even though I have registered?
I have 37 E-on points
How can these be converted to tesco points?

i applied for tesco piont 2 years back i registered my card and nothing happend now being told to register it

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