Eon Online energy saver standing charge 5 tariff....(i was on 3 and save £60)

    I changed my tariff last year in october and it now appears that they have a new tariff that will save me a further £60....will help with all the price rises going on.......If your with Eon/Powergen then give em a call and see what tariff you are on...get the above and save money.



    Don't know which standing charge I'm on (on the online energy saver though), but since moving from the (beat british gas till so and so rate) I actually pay more for my gas but less for my electric so evens out...bonkers.

    I also noticed this today on their website whilst checking my account. I was on the Energy On Line account but can save money by changing to the Energy On Line Extra Saver 5.
    This difference in price is as follows
    Energy Online (my old account)
    Normal rate up to 900kwhs 20.3805p Normal 11.823p
    [COLOR=black]Normal rate up to 2680kwhs 4.5696p Normal 2.9127p[/COLOR]
    Energy Online Extra Saver 5 (my new account)
    [COLOR=black]Normal rate up to 900kwhs 18.2805p Normal 10.605p[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black]Normal units up to 4572kwhs 3.23505p Normal 2.57355p[/COLOR]

    I personally think that these high money raking companies should automatically put customers on the cheapest tariff and not have to find out by browsing.

    I'm considering switching to Eon and have noticed there is £70 cashback available through Quidco:)
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