EON refusing to remove prepayment energy meter.

Posted 17th Jan 2023 (Posted 6 h, 33 m ago)
A property that I’ve recently purchased currently has a prepayment meter with EON as the previous owner was in debt.
My previous property was also supplied by EON, had a smart meter and a significant amount of credit on my account.

EON have told me they won’t switch my new property to a smart meter as it’s “not something they do”. Looks like other customers are in the same boat as per this thread:


My question is how do I get rid of this prepay meter? Just contact another supplier who will fit a smart meter?

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    Change supplier asap.
    Yes I will be, but will my new supplier change the meter?
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    I recently bought a property that was also supplied by EON, the gas meters smart functionality was not working and they would not change it as as far as they are concerned the meter was working, albeit I had to give them manual readings...
    Changed to Octopus, who were happy to do this, their customer services, although still slow were miles better then EONs in terms of response time and trying to resolve issues (so far).

    Funny thing is since the meters were changed now none of them are reporting the readings to Octopus :O
    Waiting for their customer services team to look into it now. (Fixed now) (edited)
    Thanks for this! Sounds like octopus are the way to go
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    EON came to fit me with a smart meter but had an issue getting the meter to sync. The engineer stated it was an issue of quality control and they were using cheap gear.
    Although the engineer stated that the comms were fine and it should be feasible EON said they couldn't do it. All they wanted to do was close my call.
    Also EON are one of the worst companies for inflated estimates of your bill. They increased my debit by a factor of 10 as their previous estimates had been low.
    Again this was part of my call and need for a smart meter as there is no transparency in the billing.
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    Google which companies actually change meters to smart meters but on top of that I would ask for them to change it to a smart *credit* meter as prepayment meters cost more money on your bills for (I think) admin fees.
    Although you need a medium/good+ credit rating to change a prepayment meter to a credit one, without this certain companies will let you put down a deposit which they will return a year later.
    I have asked them to change it to a credit meter and they have refused.
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    your supplier, Eon, should be able to replace the existing meter to a credit meter if you can pass their credit check. they won't do it if you don't pass the credit check.
    Unfortunately they’ve said they won’t change the meter at all.
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    is it a pre-payment smart meter, they can do that change remotely
    I wouldn’t know how to tell if it’s a prepayment smart meter.
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    Eon fit smart meters, they came to my house once to fit one, but said they couldn’t because of asbestos ..

    so I’m guessing they can’t do it, because of the meter already there?
    From the link in my original post, they don’t give any real explanation why they won’t take people off prepayment.
    A few have said that it’s because they can’t complete credit checks but this has been the case for several months with no change
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    Previous owners had a smart electric and dumb gas meter, I've wanted the gas to go Smart too however, Eon refuse to do it without any explanation.
    “Company policy not to” was the only reason they gave. So stupid!
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    I asked them to switch from prepayment to credit last October, they originally said no but I told them a family member was disabled and found it hard to get to the shop to top up and they then said that they would switch. Now whilst I do have a disabled person living with me they don't top up so it doesn't affect us, but they didn't ask for any proof so potentially you could speak to them and say a similar thing to see if you get anywhere (I ended up not switching as they wanted to put me on a crazy tariff)
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