EON tarriffs - any good deals on at moment?

    Hi all,

    I have received notice that my fixed rate is ending and that i will be moved onto the R2 dead on 1 Oct 09.

    I have seen posted on this forum people been offered R1, R2, and R3. Can anyone explain the difference between them and which is best?

    Also, does anyone know if EON have any better deals on at the moment? I would prefer to stay with EON (been with them years!), but would obviously like the best deal.

    Thanks all!


    Im with Eon too and had a notice of the fixed ending 1st October and them putting me on to a higher rate.

    All the comparison sites said Eon was the most expensive for my usage and area by some way with Npower and EDF being £130 cheaper + quidco for EDF so im switching to edf's limited online tariff which guarantees to be at least 2% cheaper than standard tariff till next July.

    But it all depends on your local area and usage and whether you are served by an independant gas transporter

    Original Poster

    i've checked out their packages and have opted for their online fixed 3 tarrif. Saved me £153 per year and they allowed me to change now instead of waiting until October.

    I know EON aren't the cheapest, but i have had good customer services from them and i also have my central heating care with them; so i'm sticking with Eon for now!

    They also do Tesco clubcard points so thaty's why i stick with them
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